Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Keeping up...

Well, It is done. I have officially entered the blogosphere, and am hopeful the fumes won't be too bad. Perhaps the title above needs a little introduction. These words were spoken by Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, upon his execution at the stake in 1556, when he held his hand in the flames that lept up at him. Previously he had recanted his Reformed Protestant convictions and had even signed a confession before the tender ministrations of Roman inquisitors. Overcome by his lack of courage, he changed his mind, told the powers that be to get stuffed, and they promptly had him executed. As he began to burn, he held his right hand, that hand with which he had signed his recantations, into the flames so that it would be the first part of him to go, and as it burned he cried, "This hand hath offended." Powerful words for a man who died for powerful convictions of a Reformed faith and a reformed Church in England. Powerful words spoken during the tumultuous age of the birth of Anglicanism. It is my intention to use this site to examine aspects of theology, church history, and politics from a protestant Anglican view, as well as my observations, thoughts, etc. on the world and culture around us. That's all.

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