Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shooting the Moon, Transformers style

I grew up with the Transformers. I loved the cartoons, I loved (and owned) many of the toys. "More than meets the eye!!" Sigh. So how jazzed was I when it was announced that a film was being made. Very. And to be honest, the first 45 minutes of Transformers was some of the best sci-fi film footage I've seen in a while. Great build up, great character introductions, solid pacing and, well, it just worked. And then it ground to a halt (with that ridiculously long and stupid scene at Shai LeBoufe's house), veered clean off the road, and became a sound, light, and camera-shots-which-are-shaken-to-bring-you-more-into-the-action-but-shaken-so-much-that-your-brain-feels-like-it-has-been-pureed-by-a-sledgehammer overload fest. I walked out of the theater, dazed, bewildered, and slightly disappointed. Now Michael Bay has just released Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen. Naturally, I hesitated somewhat when this one came out. When I asked my good buddy Chuck, who had just seen it, what he thought, he just laughed and emailed me a link to this online review. I submit that this is one of the best film reviews I have read in a long time. It pans the film so badly that I actually kinda want to go see it now, out of sheer morbid curiosity.

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