Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Street Fighter II: Church Edition

So after the last few theologically oriented, substantial postings, I thought it would be good to turn to something lighter. A lot lighter. Like aerogel lighter. I came across this video looking for an updated link to a video in an older post on my blog and couldn't resist sharing, especially since it is a spoof on the classic arcade game Street Fighter II. (click here to see actual game footage if you don't know the game to compare and get the most out of the spoof). I grew up playing Street Fighter II like a maniac and I was good. Like ran-the-arcade-game-for-three-hours-on-one-quarter-taking-on-all-comers good. My apologies to our Pentecostal brothers for whom this video pokes a bit of fun, but I think you will find it low brow enough to not to be too offended, but corney enough to warrant a chuckle, even if you are a fan of Benny Hin.

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Alex ielase said...

i don't know whether to laugh or cry, that is hilarious and ridiculous! Thanks for sharing.